Apr 2011 24

An in-depth look at the new developments and the future of the greenwich peninsula. New buildings that are being planned, retail, transport links including the cable cars. New park spaces and thousands of new homes.

Oct 2011 07

It has just been announced that Emirates Airline has just signed a £36m deal sees cable car named Emirates Air Line. Reported earlier in August about the progress along with the video fly throughs – you can read that previous article here – now the cable car gets a final name and an updated fly through video as well as the private investment needed.

emirates air line logo cable car

The cable car will feature on the Transport for London Tube line that we all know and use and will introduce two new stations as part of the stops at either end of the cable car. At the royal docks it will be called “Emirates Royal Docks” and on the greenwich side “Emirates Greenwich Peninsula”.

Here is what TFL had to say on their website:

With capacity to carry up to 2,500 people per hour in each direction in the peak, equivalent to 30 buses per hour, the Emirates Air Line will be the first of a package of measures to improve river crossings in east London.

It is anticipated it will carry two million passengers per year.

Yesterday I headed down to the construction site  on the greenwich side where Mace are building the new edition to the london skyline. I spoke to workers who confirmed that by Christmas we should see the structure of the building that will ferry people onto the cable cars. They couldn’t confirm if bicycles will be allowed on the cable car, but today the video fly through does confirm that cycles will be allowed on. Currently it looked like they were pumping cement into the river bed for the towers to be placed.

The updated fly thorugh shows us a more realistic look of the finished product as well as how the surrounding area looks now rather than how the greenwich peninsular will look in 10 years time.

Feb 2012 17

The Royal borough of Greenwich has revealed it’s plans for Greenwich Peninsula West, Charlton Riverside, Eltham Town Centre and Woolwich Town Centre. The plans will be up for public consultation and presentation from Today (see the dates below).

These masterplan help the council achieve its 2027 vision, bring investment to the borough and facilitate strategic development planning in an attempt to halt out of synch ad-hoc developments. Need to work within a framework set by these master plans. [..]

O2 Skywalk structures take shape
Mar 2012 16

The new visitor attraction to the O2 at North Greenwich’s O2 Venue is currently in construction. The shell of structure that will allow people to board the platform is visible. Construction workers can be seen on the roof creating the central viewing platform that sits right at the centre of the O2′s roof.