May 2012 17

Here is a webcam update on the Woolwich Tesco development: [..]

Apr 2012 17

A new community of homes are being proposed to re develop a disused Warehouse to the rear of Victoria way, in Charlton. This development will see 209, most of which will be affordable housing, being built and will comprise of family sized terraced houses as well as flats. There is a strong emphasis on the landscaping of the area as well as careful planning to shield the development from the noise of the blackwall tunnel approach A102 as well as the train tracks that is used by primarily for industrial purposes. [..]

East Riverside, Greenwich Peninsula
Jan 2012 18

Will this be the next residential project to be built? The Greenwich Peninsular is slowly filling out its master plan. Every time a new feature like the Skywalk or the Cable car is shown in a video or still image rendering, some of the previously white buildings have suddenly gain character and colour, this is because those project designs have been finalised and are next in line to be built. So how soon will the residential project next to the Peninsula’s riverboat pier be built?

The project will have homes that Crest Nicholson will be offering to potential future residents. After speaking to the sales department, a definite date has not been set for the project however they believe that construction may start in 2013 and not this year. [..]

Tesco and residential construction progress
Jan 2012 10

The New Tesco and residential project is currently underway. The project will bring a brand new Tesco to the Woolwich area that would be 80,000 square feet in size. As well as the Supermarket there will also be seven retail spaces available for businesses. At this moment it isnt clear which businesses have applied for the retail spaces. A Police station is also planned to be part of this project.

Willmott and Dixon group, who are delivering this construction project, say via their press release that “Out of the 259 new homes, a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments, 189 are available for private sale and a further 70 for affordable rent.”

The architect behind the product is Sheppard Robson and here is a visualisation of the project.


Sep 2011 11

We are pleased to share with you some of the visuals of the many many residential projects that will be taking shape in the next 20 years.

The building of homes for the new community at Greenwich Peninsula represents one of the largest and most prominent development opportunities in the UK today. Development companies like Bellway HomesCrest Nicholson PLC and Peninsula Quays Ltd will be working on projects that will see greenwich be transformed.

As previously described in our post, there will be four districts at the greenwich peninsula.

They are as follows:

  • Peninsula Central
  • Peninsula Quays
  • Peninsula Parkside
  • Peninsula Riverside
Read more about them here: Greenwich peninsula developments.

Here is a walktrough of some of the residential developments.

Notice that the plit above (no206) shows a building to the left of it along the river, that will no longer be an apartment building but is now the London Cable Car or Emirates Airline.

Aug 2011 21

A commenter on the North Greenwich peninsular article that I wrote introduced me to a new development on the peninsular. One that will, like the cable car, be completed in time for the London 2012 Olympics. As with the cable car, this is not tied to the Olympics delivery so there is no guarantee it will be done on before 2012.

So what is the Enderby Warf project? It is the construction of an International cruise Liner port. There will also be residential and business buildings including a 251 room luxury hotel. The new homes include 770 luxury townhouses and apartments. These are new appartments on top of the plans for the rest of the greenwich peninsular.

As you can see from the picture below it is in the lower east region of the peninsular.

Further more you can see on the map we showed on the Greenwich Peninsular article that this area is more or less not included in the developments so it is good to see there will be regeneration here aswell.

click to enlarge

Here is a more closeup view of where this development will take place. The motorway you see on the top right is the Blackwall tunnel approach. The building in the top right is Holiday in with the very popular Peninsular Chinese restaurant.


Here are the residential plans of the project with various views. As explained earlier it would have 770 luxury townhouses and apartments.



aThe buildings have a town house look to them where the ground level area has a light white shade whilst above a warm brick colour.

This pier will not only serve as a new crusiseliner stop but also a river stop for services like thames clippers. Currently the Greenwich Pier near cutty sark is also developing a new pier.

here are some renders of how it will all look

Apr 2011 24

An in-depth look at the new developments and the future of the greenwich peninsula. New buildings that are being planned, retail, transport links including the cable cars. New park spaces and thousands of new homes.