Mar 2012 03

Frankies & Bennies at Greenwich Pier

Frankie & Benny’s the restaurant in addition to Byron has hoisted up their sign on the side of one of the pier units at the brand new Greenwich pier. Although more new has been swirling around about Zizi’s Nandos and Byron, Frankie & Benny’s were off our radar. It looks like if these are the four restaurants that will be housed at the pier, then each building will house two restaurants each. [..]

Feb 2012 16

The Greenwich Pier and restaurant buildings by the thames are appearing to be nearing completion. The next stage, possibly in a month or two, would be the respective owners of the restaurant and cafe spaces to begin their outfitting of the interiors. The restaurants that will take up the buildings include Nando’s Zizi and Byron.

The architectural drawings state that Nandos and Zizi restaurants will be housed in the west pavillion nearest to the Cutty Sark, whilst Byron will be in the east building. Byron will also have a 1st floor terrace, which looks onto the thames. A cafe is set to be sharing the west side of the east building.

The views in the restaurant are set to be particularly beautiful with one side facing the historic University Buildings, the museum and the newly restored Cutty Sark, whilst the other side will have views of the river thames.

The gates for the new greenwich pier have also been revealed by planning permission documents from TFL.

Jan 2012 12

Greenwich Pier is to house three big name restaurants to its premises, Zizi, Nandos and Byron. Byron is a hamburger restaurant that has one rave reviews from its customers for its soho branch on the popular qype review site. [..]