O2 skywalk renamed Up at the O2
Jun 2012 11

Previously named during its construction the O2 Skywalk, AEG has announced that the attraction designed by the original architects of the O2 itself will be called Up at The O2. The architects Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners have designed the attraction that will see groups of people embarking on a 90minute experience up and over the O2. During the Olympics the venue will be renamed from the O2 to the North Greenwich Arena, but the name for the attraction above it will not be temporarily named “Up at the North Greenwich Arena” thankfully. [..]

O2 Skywalk structures take shape
Mar 2012 16

The new visitor attraction to the O2 at North Greenwich’s O2 Venue is currently in construction. The shell of structure that will allow people to board the platform is visible. Construction workers can be seen on the roof creating the central viewing platform that sits right at the centre of the O2′s roof.

Feb 2012 08

New details have emerged about the new Skywalk walkway that will allow visitors to walk over the top of the Dome in North Greenwich. The skywalk is already in construction near the entrance of the O2. The will be a small building at the front and also at the back of the O2 where the walkway terminates. The project shares similarities with the Sydney Harbour bridge where there is a organised climb right over the bridge.

Jan 2012 12

Construction of the O2 Skywalk is underway. Diggers can be heard at the site preparing the structure for construction. The location of the skywalk starts from between another proposed building (NO201)and the O2. Buying tickets from the ticket office could be tricky with all the noise however since the ticket offices are directly opposite the construction site.

A intriguing subtle sign are placed along the construction site’s wall perimeter:

O2 Skywalk
Dec 2011 14

The O2 is to get a skywalk, enabling visitors to literally walk over the millennium dome and admire the view from the top of the building. Greenwich.co.uk reports that Greenwich’s councillors gave their unanimous support to the development which will create a dramatic new walkway across the top of the iconic dome in North Greenwich.


Aug 2011 18

I continue to show my enthusiasm and interest in the Greenwich Peninsula developments by sharing with you some news of a skywalk that has just been approved by the greenwich council.

Rogers Stik Harbour & Partners explain this design:

The proposed structure, temporary in nature and suspended from The O2′s distinctive yellow masts, will be capable of accommodating up to 90 people at any one time. Visitors will walk to the central viewing platform from a base-station situated at the entrance to The O2. The walkway will be 190 metres in length and will be 60 metres above the ground at its highest point. The brief was to create a walkway which preserved the integrity of The O2 structure whilst manifesting itself as a distinct feature which does not overwhelm or detract from The O2.