May 2013 12

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) have been awarded the £100 million scheme to design the 370-home project at Enderby’s Wharf. The project, helmed by Cathedral Group also responsible for The Movement (MVMNT) project, has been quiet for a while until now and was at one point pegged to be open before the Olympics as Mayer Boris Johnson had hoped.

The Enderby Wharf project will see a cruise liner port allowing cruise ships that can carry roughly 3,000 people to dock in Greenwich creating a  further tourist destination in the maritime heartland of Greenwich. It also falls in line with the Royal Borough’s plan of ensuring that right along the river from The O2 down to the Cutty Sark there would be attractions, walks, uninterrupted cycle paths and things to see and do.

It would be hailed as the 1st London International Cruise Liner Terminal. There will also be a 251 room hotel in addition to 370 residential apartments and townhouses. We have previously reported that the new homes at this project include 770 luxury townhouses and apartments. So it seems that either the project is being scaled back or AHMM are designing a portion of the residential plots. [..]

Aug 2011 21

A commenter on the North Greenwich peninsular article that I wrote introduced me to a new development on the peninsular. One that will, like the cable car, be completed in time for the London 2012 Olympics. As with the cable car, this is not tied to the Olympics delivery so there is no guarantee it will be done on before 2012.

So what is the Enderby Warf project? It is the construction of an International cruise Liner port. There will also be residential and business buildings including a 251 room luxury hotel. The new homes include 770 luxury townhouses and apartments. These are new appartments on top of the plans for the rest of the greenwich peninsular.

As you can see from the picture below it is in the lower east region of the peninsular.

Further more you can see on the map we showed on the Greenwich Peninsular article that this area is more or less not included in the developments so it is good to see there will be regeneration here aswell.

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Here is a more closeup view of where this development will take place. The motorway you see on the top right is the Blackwall tunnel approach. The building in the top right is Holiday in with the very popular Peninsular Chinese restaurant.


Here are the residential plans of the project with various views. As explained earlier it would have 770 luxury townhouses and apartments.



aThe buildings have a town house look to them where the ground level area has a light white shade whilst above a warm brick colour.

This pier will not only serve as a new crusiseliner stop but also a river stop for services like thames clippers. Currently the Greenwich Pier near cutty sark is also developing a new pier.

here are some renders of how it will all look