Dec 2011 12

The new transport link between royal victoria docks and and the greenwich peninsular is taking shape. It is hoped that it will be completed by  summer in time for the London 2012 Olympics. A lot of visible progress has been made at the constructions sites which makes  the deadline seem achievable. From outside the North Greenwich construction site you can see the mechanism that will feed the cable for the emirates air line.

On the royal Victoria Docks side what looks like the base for one of the towers has been built.

Whats more, a section of the tower is standing tall just behind it perhaps getting ready to be hoisted into place.

Here are a few more pictures.

London Cable car (Emirates Air Line) Lit at night
Dec 2011 13

With the flurry of activity happening on the construction sites, it has come to light “pun not intended” that the cable car interior and exterior lighting will be designed and overseen by Speirs + Major and Mott McDonald as well as the architects . In a post on the Spiers + Major website dated september 2010 it explains creatively how they aim to light the gondola.

Not only will we be creating a lighting scheme for the interior of the gondolas, but the exterior of the gondolas, towers and platforms will also be sensitively lit to encompass the contrasting surrounds – the bright, busy centres of the O2 Arena and ExCeL London as opposed to the dark River Thames – in the hope that the cable car itself will become as much of an attraction as the scenic views of London which visitors and locals alike will be able to soak up whilst riding it.

Accompanying the description is a rendering of one of the towers and a cable car at night with a preliminary portrayal of the kind of lighting we could expect.


New Greenwich Rising website
Dec 2011 14

I welcome you to the new Greenwich Rising website. Here we cover all the new developments and projects in and around greenwich particularly the peninsular which is going through a 20 year development of new river side housing. My name is Levi, a resident of greenwich and a keen blogger who has become very much interested in the future of greenwich. I have been blogging about the new developments over at my personal website but I soon felt that it needed its own space to better serve my readers and also not to confuse people. My personal site deals with and displays my interest in graphic designs and having both the design and the greenwich development felt haphazard at most.

Greenwich is really rising with projects springing up all over the place, here you can keep track of it all.

So thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy the articles and reports from Greenwich Rising.

Dec 2011 14

Here is the flythough of the london cable car project.