Apr 2012 17

A new community of homes are being proposed to re develop a disused Warehouse to the rear of Victoria way, in Charlton. This development will see 209, most of which will be affordable housing, being built and will comprise of family sized terraced houses as well as flats. There is a strong emphasis on the landscaping of the area as well as careful planning to shield the development from the noise of the blackwall tunnel approach A102 as well as the train tracks that is used by primarily for industrial purposes.

At the present moment the area looks unused and grim.

The warehouse, approximately 11,000sqm in size, has been vacant since March 2001.

The landscaping will feature decks, terraces and hedges. Pictures here show what the developers have done previously on other projects. MCA Landscape Architects are behind the designs being submitted to the council The site features a single entrance to the new development and sits at the corner of two major transport links, the A102 and the south east rail line. The aforementioned tracks that are rarely in use sit between the development and the A102.

The flats will sit to the back of the redevelopment site while the houses, which are of similar to the existing houses in height will be situated just behind the existing row of terraced houses this will allow the proposal to sit “sensitively within the prevailing urban form and improve the character and appearance of the area.” as stated in the planning documents.

A page is already up for potential owners and residence to register their interest.

A previous planning permission by Galliard Homes was turned down.

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